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World's most popular cruise destinations
Our world is an amazing place. Thankfully nowadays we are able to reach our destinations at a much faster speed and a lower price too. Yet, this advantage makes us think so where do I go next. Below are suggestions of some of the most attractive destinations for your cruise trip.
Visit colourful markets of Istanbul, a famous beach resort Kusadasi as well as outstanding ancient ruins in an ancient Greek city of Ephesus. You will be able to experience many contrasts from picture-square beaches to the imposing mountain ranges and fairy tale like villages.
Suited for more adventurous travellers, a cruise to Alaska could be a trip of a lifetime. You could enjoy the mesmerising views of Glacier Bay and Icy Strait. A trek through Alaska’s untamed beauty with abundant wildlife and beautiful small towns is an experience no other place could offer.
One of the classic destinations, however with the amazing food and great weather it can never disappoint. Further to this, a combination of the amazing history, architecture and culture of some of Europe’s most amazing cities like Rome and Barcelona will make you want to repeat the trip again.
The Caribbean
This amazing paradise with white beaches and turquoise water must definitely be on our list. With an all year round perfect climate, you can be flexible with your holiday. This type of cruise will be for those looking to spend some quality time on a beach, snorkelling, diving and fishing.
This is a destination, mainly marketed for millennials and will suit those, looking for an experience of a multicultural city with grand buildings. In this city, you can chase the excitement, experience arts and culture and dive into the amazing city’s atmosphere.
Quebec city
If your budget is tight, but you would love to get a taste of Europe, head to this amazing city of Quebec. You do not have to cross the pond to experience the city with a huge French influence. Make sure to pack your best walking shoes, as city roads can take you up and down the hill with the most breathtaking views.
Papua New Guinea
This is a most sought after destination for scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. Time from August to November is considered to be the best season for diving in pristine and unspoiled diving sites. Among coral walls, fringing reefs and seagrass beds you can find some spectacular World War II wrecks hiding on an ocean bed.
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Explore the breathtaking old city in this ever more popular destination in the Mediterranean Sea. It gets a lot of attention due to being a filming location for the popular TV show, Game of Thrones. You will be amazed by the stunning, 16th century stone walls and the outstanding architecture marking centuries in history.
Canada and New England
Is whale watching on your bucket list? If so, this destination will let you check it off with an added bonus of a picture-square scenery. Take the cruise in September or October to add some wonderful views of autumn colours to your visit. You will be able to visit Canada’s eye-catching ports and quaint towns.
Around the world
This ultimate trip will take you 113 days, so if you are lucky enough and have time as well as money for this trip, there could not be a better choice. You can visit twenty-seven countries including coat of Panama and Moai statues. It is offered by Holland America Cruise Lines.
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