About Us

Hotel Bargains was established in August 2011 by two internet geeks with a passion for travel.
We love technology, we love to travel, and it was just natural for us to develop a tool that will help travelers. After doing the manual process of finding cheap hotel rooms too many times we realized that we can do the same process automatically and even improve it. After a few months of research and development we launched this website. Since then, we've been working on improving it and adding new tools and content.

Hotel Bargains has one focus - getting the best hotel deals. Thanks to our advanced tools and up-to-date data, Hotel Bargains is a leading hotel price comparison tool that helps you find the best prices from thousands of travel suppliers. You can find the best rates on hotel rooms for more than 20,000 destinations worldwide!

By using this powerful and comprehensive price comparison tool you can save hundreds of dollars on your next vacation.