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Travel tips for your next cruise vacation
Regardless if it is your first or 15th cruise vacation, some awesome insider tips could go a long way in helping you to enjoy it to the fullest.
How to minimize seasickness
When it comes to seasickness, an attack is the best form of defence. Try to avoid spicy, heavy and fat-rich foods, have a green apple and ginger tea or biscuit instead. Concentrate on your breathing, preferably in the fresh air and look at the horizon, which causes less confusion in your brain.
Book your SPA in advance
First of all, it is a great idea to get some proper pampering while on board. So if you are planning to sooth into full relaxation, which is highly recommended, make sure you book your onboard treatment package right away. The best time slots fill up quickly.
Pack your water shoes
One of the items you might forget is water shoes and if it happens, you will have to pay a premium price while on board. Just do not underestimate the importance of them, they can be a lifesaver for your feet on coral reefs and sharp rocks.
Your voyage is to enjoy
If you feel that some of the services did not meet your expectations, it is better to voice your concerns to the staff. It is likely that the issues you have can be addressed, thus the earlier you communicate, the better the voyage will be for everyone.
Check that drinks packages are worth it
All you can drink often may seem like a good deal but rather can become an unnecessary expense. Before booking, make sure to calculate what is best for you based on the number of drinks you are planning to have. In many cases you have to get at least seven drinks, to make the all you can drink deal worth its price.
Grab your essential medicine
Cruise ships are a perfect breeding ground for viruses, with many people in a relatively small, enclosed environment. Make sure you get your essential medicine for nasty things such as viruses. No one would like their holiday ruined.
Find some hidden away decks
You will find some ”secret decks” on many ships. They are usually not easily accessible, yet still for public access. It could be a great place to relax, further away from the crowds or if you are up for a little adventure.
Enthusiastic photographer? Check out this tip
If you are one of the people carrying around their camera, it is a greater chance that you may lose it. Take a picture of your written email and a phone number, so in a situation where you lost your precious camera, someone would actually be able to contact you. It might save a lot of precious moments.
For all the freebies fans
On-board game shows can be a great place to get some free stuff while actually having a lot of fun. You can get lucky and be selected from the audience, then it is a bonus prize, which can make a great souvenir too or a nice memory to bring back home.
Are you travelling for a special occasion?
If it happens that the trip is planned for a special occasion like an anniversary, honeymoon or birthday, make sure you let the member of a team. You might be in for a treat of some surprises and while it is not guaranteed, it does not cost anything to try it. Free champagne and a decorated cabin will make your trip a bit more special.
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